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LIVE Interactive Online Weekend - September 26 & 27

10am - 4:30pm Pacific/California Time Saturday 8am - 1:30 Pacific/California Sunday

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Jennifer Joins with Marianne Delivering Transcendent Healing
Jennifer brings 33 years of powerful healing experience working with hundreds of thousands. 

Her popular and life changing healing system; The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) plus delivering Sound vibration therapies and Attunements will support you to release the old core limiting energies still in your subconscious. Prepare to now consciously activate and live in your power... that is so needed at this time.
Join Marianne for a FULL Weekend of Her Brilliance
THEN... Imagine spending a full weekend with the amazing Marianne Williamson as she guides you through insights, prayer and deep transformation. You can even ask Marianne questions about Your own life! Take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience deep wisdom as you co-create a new state of possibility with Marianne.
LIVE, Interactive Online Weekend Workshop... Receive DIRECT Coaching From Marianne & Jennifer
Not only will you be able to experience real transformational healing from Jennifer but also powerful tranformation prayer work and journeys from Marianne. 

Plus you will also be able to interact directly with both Jennifer and Marianne over the course of the weekend. You can receive direct coaching and healing through this live interactive weekend addressing directly YOUR specific challenges. 

AND the power of the group work up levels the entire program and all receive profound transformation.
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  • Live Interactive Coaching and Healing Sessions Online: There will be many opportunities for Marianne and Jennifer to not only answer your questions, but for you to receive direct coaching and healing.
  • A Full Online Weekend With Marianne Williamson & Jennifer McLean: You will experience a 2 day-long inquiry into discovering your core power and being able to stand in your true power to create real change in your life and for the planet.
  • Deep Restructuring Of Your Inner World & Outer Perceptions: ​there’s a shifting of the ground within... a molecular rearrangement that that is here to reconstitute both the inner and outer realities.This is a chance to join our inquiry into the meaning of those shifts, and how they can help us participate at the highest level in the re-creation of the world.
  • A Powerful Inquiry Into Your Core Power: You will be engaged in a deep understanding and activation of your truest most authentic nature of being and core power that in turn creates enormous new opportunities for health, happiness and contribution.  
  • Guided Meditations & Prayer: Marianne will be supporting you in her proven and transformational guided meditations and prayers, where you will establish a new framework for creation in your life and on the planet.
  • Receive Energy Medicine Healings: Jennifer will be providing her world renowned Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT), her popular Attunements (which are like energetic keys that unlock dormant powers) plus her Sound Vibration healings as well as Shamanic Healing Journeys.
  • Mp3 Downloads of all audio session: once the weekend is done and recorded, you will receive access to Mp3 audio downloads.
  • Downloadable Transcripts: you will also receive downloadable transcripts of each segment of the entire weekend to read the amazing insights and processes using another part of your brain.
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